Q&A: 'Directing Your Destiny' Author Jennifer Grace

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1 - Q&A: 'Directing Your Destiny' Author Jenni…

A resident teacher at The Standard Spa, and owner and founder of spiritual wellness facility The Center of Grace in Hallendale Beach, Jennifer Grace recently penned an inspirational new book, Directing Your Destiny.

The book uses filmmaking tools and acting techniques (all too familiar for the former actress and filmmaker), to help readers think, feel, and eventually become the person they want to be. We chatted with Grace before her Miami book launch at The Standard to get the scoop on how a movie mindset can change your life.

Tell us about the book and how readers should go about using it.
JENNIFER GRACE: It's a 30-day program broken down into four weeks. It teaches people how to get clear on who they are and what they want. In the first two weeks, there are a lot of tools in there to get people out of their own way and get them the clarity that they need. The last two weeks are all about working with this energetic field that surrounds us all; it's the action, the measurable results.

What inspired you to write this book?
JG: We all heard about The Secret. We all ran out and made those vision boards with pictures of our future model spouse and our trips to Tahiti, and then we sat back on our coaches eating bonbons trying to manifest these incredible things for ourselves. It doesn't work like that. [For the book] I went on a journey to find the practical tools that you need in order to communicate with this energetic field that can bring in the law of attraction. It's a culmination of multiple practices.

The book includes practices used by filmmakers and actors. How does that come into play?
JG: As an actress, I was unknowingly manifesting using my emotions. I would close my eyes and visualize [my character] and then use my acting tools to authentically feel [my character]. That was the missing link I think for a lot of people: They were setting these positive intentions like "I am" but [didn't feel it]. How do you feel loved if you're lonely? How do you feel abundant if you're broke? How do you feel healthy if you're sick? I introduce the tools that actors use so you can authentically feel the emotional truth of the future you are creating.

Can you give us an example of the theatrical tools found in Directing Your Destiny?
JG: It goes so far as showing how to write 'life scripts' like a screenwriter would write for a film, so we in essence write the movie of our lives. Then we read through it and use the acting tools so we can feel it. There is an enormous amount of discipline and diligence you need to take to this every day. This work is not magic—it's magical, but it's not magic.


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