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photography by Alexander Tamargo
December 12, 2012 | The Latest Homepage Latest

Following in the fashionable footsteps of his famous sisters, Robert “Rob” Kardashian has launched a colorful sock line, Arthur George by Robert Kardashian, available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. (More on the origin of the line’s name later.) With 35 patterns to choose from, each pair is made of Egyptian cotton and sells for $30. We think they’d make great stocking stuffers, and although they’re marketed to men, they have definite unisex appeal.

On Monday afternoon, Rob made an appearance at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour to promote the line. Joining him were sisters Kim and Kourtney, along with fellow Bravo TV stars Frederic Marq and Adriana de Moura—plus hundreds of adoring fans. We stole a moment with Rob before his autograph and picture session to talk about the inspiration for the quirky-cool socks.

Let's start with the brand's name, Arthur George. What’s the origin?
: Arthur is my middle name, George is my father's middle name. I don't want to be attached to the Kardashian brand my sisters already have, so I try to steer away from it. But it is hard to get away from it because it’s my name, too, and I am the only boy, so I kept the byline in that sense. I also like how Arthur George sounds. It's classy.

Why socks?
: I love fashion, but I don't really put much effort in how I dress myself. [But] I am very fashion forward. Even with women, if I have a girlfriend or with all women in general, I am aware of what they are wearing. I chose socks as a starting point for me. I love socks. It's my thing.

How long has the sock idea been brewing?
RK: Maybe like two years, so it moved quickly. I was lingering and always working on some [type of] business, but then I would lose passion in it. This was something I really wanted to see happen.

What inspired the prints?
: Everything and anything I see. I'd take a picture of something and try and bring it to life. These had a lot of wild colors. I wanted it to look different. We had so many prints to chose from and Neimans did the final selection, though everything had my design behind it and approval.

As flashy socks go, who wears them best?
: My brother-in-law, Lamar [Odom]. He is always killing them with the socks. And he does what I do—we wear our socks with shorts.

How does it feel to see the line in stores?
: Oh, it's great! I can't wait for the next round to come through.

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