How R&B Artist a$ad Keeps Laying Tracks During the Pandemic


How R&B Artist a$ad Keeps Laying Tracks During The Pandemic

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a$ad is an American R&B artist taking the music industry by storm with his smooth and wavy sound. A$ad is a big household name in the R&B scene, but he is destined for more greatness in the genre. Some of his singles, such as “Party in L.A.” and “Still Up,” have blown up, giving listeners a touch of his magical sound. But the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected him just like it has other artists. He had to strategize and organize to survive in the music scene.

How the pandemic has affected the music scene in general

The COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world in early 2020 left the music industry significantly dented and on its knees. Many governments across the globe imposed restrictions on any form of gathering, limiting performances in front of live audiences. Such restrictions had a massive negative impact on artists because they rely on live performances for various reasons. Some of those reasons include:

• It’s an income source

• Performing live helps them launch new music

• Concerts are a way to connect with the audience

• Live performances are a great avenue for growing and developing their fan base

• They develop and understanding of the kind of tunes their fan base loves most.

But when COVID-19 restrictions were imposed, musicians were not able to access such benefits. This could have easily created a disconnect between the artists and their fans, so musicians began developing other viable ways to connect with their audience while releasing tracks.

Tracks laid during the pandemic

The most significant lesson a$ad has learned since the onset of the pandemic is the power of social media. Although he relied on various social media platforms to share and promote his music before the COVID era, he has recently leveraged them like never before. Like other artists, he is rushing to maximize the full potential of the online world, particularly music platforms. He’s also had to strategize on how he promotes his music.

No matter how good a song is, the artist has to promote it to get a wider audience, including online. A$ad has been using the following new ways of promoting his music during the pandemic:

• Instagram live sessions

Some other artists are postponing their new singles or albums, but a$ad is working hard utilizing Instagram to sell his music. He is also using the platform to engage his fanbase while keeping them entertained with his live sessions.

• Social media retours

Nothing beats the satisfaction of watching a video of a past event you loved. a$ad has learned this trick, and he is keeping his fans entertained with memories of his past live performances. He is using his various social media platforms to share these memories, posting them regularly.

• TikTok challenges

TikTok was one of the most successful social media apps in 2020. It's the most downloaded social app, and it majorly involves the use of short videos. a$ad has not been left behind either. He has turned to TikTok to promote his music, initiating TikTok challenges featuring his songs.

Although online platforms can’t duplicate the benefits of live performances, they are a better option for artists than locking themselves out of the music scene entirely while waiting for COVID restrictions to be lifted.

Photography by: a$ad