How UAE Based Rashed Ali Almansoori is Recognized as One the Most Talented Tech Experts in the Middle East


How UAE Based Rashed Ali Almansoori is Recognized as One the Most Talented Tech Experts in the Middle East

| May 11, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


He has not only proven that youngsters can lead prominent industries but also shown that the Arab world has impeccable talents. Beyond being a reputed journalist, social media expert and top digital creator! The 30-year-old powerhouse is a tech savvy that is changing the world with the valuable information he shares through his professional technology-based tutorials on and off social media.

In a competitive world driven by technology, the competition within the industry is at all time high! Technologic innovations are constantly evolving and amaze us with how smart devices and gadgets are becoming, and at the same time overwhelm us with the constant tweaks and updates that the palm size devices are unfolding! This is why there is a boom of tech bloggers trying to help us stay on top of our technology-based lifestyle whether it is navigating through our apps or keeping our data protected from vulnerabilities.

There is no shortage of these tech experts! But only few had proven themselves worthy within the field. A prime example, is a rising star within the field, whose name is synonymous to success in the middle east: Rashed Ali Almansoori. The IT giant hails specifically from the UAE, thanks to his efforts, deep knowledge and charisma that he shares to his worldwide audience, the middle eastern average tech user is no longer lost nor confused in how to use a new mobile application or even navigate through a new update, as the talented man has successfully contributed to the middle-eastern world with his large library of tech tutorials and information.

His tutorials are straightforward and hardly takes longer than a minute yet are powerful and effective. That is why Rashed is one of the most leading and most trusted tech experts as his videos are constantly getting viral leading to his large social media following, at a staggering 300K just on Instagram! He aims to use his fame and notability to raise awareness and educate people as per stating “In this tech era, I aim to educate and empower as many people as possible to lead an immaculate and secure use of technology” says the brilliant young man.

His love for helping people exceeded just sharing updates and tutorials relating to technology, as he utilized his intelligent mind to create an innovative smart tech piece named UTAG, in which this invention helped mankind in the time of global crisis to communicate remotely and effectively. The young man philanthropic nature shined as he states “I always wanted to change people’s lives and tech was blessing for me to be able to do so”. Furthermore, exemplifying the social responsibility as a knowledgeable man within the field.

Reaching the greatest heights of success within the tech world is not enough for Rashed as Al-bayan newspaper had witnessed his talented pieces he shares to the readers to keep them engaged, entertained and most importantly educated! Rashed emphasized that “Internet is a double edge sword, and one must be equipped with adequate knowledge to reap its benefits and secure their data”. Rashed’s tech tutorials shows exactly that as he simplifies complicated tech to something that everyone can understand.

In addition to cyber protection, the young man is also a tech developer and have created Instagram lenses that appealed to many, demonstrating talent in every path he sets his foot to.

No wonder the 30-year-old had made his country proud among other nations and being an inspiration to all young tech enthusiasts to follow his way on the top. It is the only beginning for Rashed at a such young age as he has plenty to offer stating “Fueled for my passion for technology and helping people, I will continue to grow and develop”. We urge our viewers to keep up to date with his latest work and ofcourse, we wish him the best of luck for his future endeavors.

Photography by: Rashed Ali Almansoori