Real Estate Broker Beau Blankenship Shares His Predictions For The Market In 2021


Real Estate Broker Beau Blankenship Shares His Predictions For The Market In 2021

| April 8, 2021 | Sponsored Post

Beau’s competitiveness and desire for excellence are at the center of all he does. Starting his post-graduate career as an American football running back, Blankenship was signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars for a short time in 2014. After being released, he discovered his passion for real estate and helping people find their dream homes.


"I wake up every morning ready to get to work for my clients. It’s my goal to help them find their dream homes, no matter if it’s an investment property, second home, or their forever home,” says Blankenship.

Blankenship started his career in a small boutique brokerage. Then in 2017, he expanded his horizons and started his own real estate brokerage. Blankenship currently owns Engel and Völkers 30-A beaches on the Scenic Highway 30-A coastline, and he’s also the owner of a Blankenship Group, a property management company in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

His work with both companies revolves around beautiful real estate properties along the Northwest Florida coastline. The picturesque location of beach communities is known as the “best-kept secret of the South”. Until now, that is…

Over the past year, thousands of buyers flocked to the quaint coastline looking for a place to call their own.

“COVID reshaped our relationship with work and work environments- it forced us to rethink our living circumstances and our newfound ability to “work from home.” With less pressure to work from a specific office spot, there was a surge of people relocating and buying homes in markets outside of heavily-populated cities. This was definitely evident in my market, down in Santa Rosa Beach,” says Blankenship.

Blankenship is predicting that the trend will most likely continue through 2021. “The real estate market will remain strong in 2021 unless we see a change in capital gains tax and 1031 regulations. As this generation begins to have children and needs more space, Millennials will begin to dominate the market. Home sales are increasing by 7% nationwide. Our local market is up over 20%,” says Blankenship.

As Blankenship looks ahead to the real estate market's future, he’s grateful for all the opportunities he’s had and excited to see where the future will take him.

"I’m extremely thankful to be in the position we’re in. And I know my family and the whole Blankenship Group will say the same thing. We all feel extremely blessed for the opportunities we have.

Photography by: Beau Blankenship