Real Estate Planning Made Easy


Real Estate Planning Made Easy

Andrew Byrd Andrew Byrd | February 10, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, People, Sponsored Post,

Tejeda Law Group offers unparalleled expertise in real estate law.


Tejeda Law Group, led by Principal Attorney Roxana M. Tejeda, works with the mission of re-imagining and reinvigorating the attorney-client relationship to create measurable value for their clients. With focus on real estate, Tejeda Law Group has been serving the greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale area for several years.

“We are a young 5-year firm and have grown tremendously,” says Tejeda. “We strive to provide unparalleled customer service. Whether it be a buyer or a seller, being able to help someone accomplish their goal is by far the best part of the job.”

Tejeda has been able to practice law in the state of Florida since 2011 and founded Tejeda Law group in 2015. Since then, the firm has closed over $100 million in commercial and residential transactions. The law group offers a list of services that includes closings on residential and commercial real estate, real estate law that includes review of investment infrastructure documents and eviction disputes, estate planning including wills and trusts, property damage disputes and probate. Backed by a team with expansive knowledge and experience, Tejeda Law Group has been able to produce an impressive close rate and a list of satisfied clients.

“In 2018, we closed on 6 vacant beachfront lots for development purposes in Saint Lucie County,” says Tejeda. “and in 2020, we were able to close on a 182,000 sq ft industrial building for demolition and new build.”

With customized personal customer service, the law group puts the interest of the client first, tailoring to their needs specific to the matter at hand. Whether ensuring a clear transfer of title in real estate closings or negotiating the claims process in order to claim the amount needed to repair property damage, Tejeda is insistent in providing the proper information that allows their clients to receive the resolution most fitting to their matter.

“I believe if you work hard and honestly in providing your client all the right information and tools, the client will always be satisfied,” says Tejeda.

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