Going Beyond Boundaries and Creating His Unique Niche in Real Estate is Robert Tuzzo


Going Beyond Boundaries and Creating His Unique Niche in Real Estate is Robert Tuzzo

| April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post

His ideas of providing the best education system to professionals in the industry have taken him much forward as an industry veteran.


To dream for a certain thing in life is one thing and to go forward in making a unique niche and attaining maximum success in the same is an altogether different thing. So many professionals and entrepreneurs enter different fields and put in their everything to make it happen in the same. However, the ones that go ahead in creating milestones in the industry are the ones who think about the greater good of others as well. Robert Tuzzo tops the list of such professionals in the real estate and mortgage arena of the US. As an industry veteran having more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Robert Tuzzo knew it was time for the new change in the industry and hence, jumped into the educational arena of the field to provide the best educational resources to real estate professionals and specifically to the underserved real estate community.

Consistency and persistence have helped Robert Tuzzo in his journey throughout, which is why he has been able to sculpt a flourishing career for himself. Today, as the Division VP of Cross Country Mortgage, Robert Tuzzo proves why he is one of the leading names in the industry. Back in the year 2014, he with a sought-after trainer Doug Vairo decided to enter the educational space to provide the industry-best educational resources to people and help them become more skilled with conducting business in the industry. This led to the emergence of the New York School of Real Estate, a pro-bono institute offering high-quality and effective educational resources to the underserved real estate community.

People and professionals got highly attracted and impressed with his school and in no time, it became a strong pillar in the educational field of New York and even beyond that. With so many years of experience in the industry, Robert Tuzzo thought to incorporate all of that into the educational course he designed for professionals to broaden their mindsets and perspectives for conducting business. He was motivated to give back to the community and also worked with the aim to fix the many inefficiencies that were doing the rounds in the industry regarding the transactional practices in the growing numbers of rising real estate professionals.

Several factors like slower transactions, business processes, and growing complexities etc. led to Robert Tuzzo coming up with robust educational resources. With his school, he aimed to give a centralized group of information as well as developing programs and courses across the board for better equipping real estate professionals. A large part of the organization's success also came through its involvement in Triple Play, one of the largest real estate conferences in the world. So far, it has also impacted 30,000 professionals and has led them towards more growth and success.

For taking a step forward, looking at the boom in the online world, Robert Tuzzo originated Digital Blueprint, an educational platform for real estate professionals for easing their transition by helping them create their digital footprint. Through a pilot program, they also provided resources for growing their online impact.

Robert Tuzzo has gone above and beyond to change the lives of real estate professionals through his expertise in providing quality educational resources. Follow him now on Instagram, @robtuzzo to know more.

Photography by: Robert Tuzzo