Reclaim and Unleash your VIP Power with Jennifer Nicole Lee


Reclaim and Unleash your VIP Power with Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee Jennifer Nicole Lee | September 29, 2020 | People, Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

“In the past, I was so scared of people thinking, ‘Who does she think she is?’ After many challenges, I now have the confidence to be strong and say ‘This is who I am’" -Jennifer Nicole Lee


Its plain and simple. Very Important People have Very Important Programming and Very Important Programs they stick to. Its true, before I become successful, focused, disciplined, with my goals of winning in all areas of my life, my “program” for life was just to get by, survive, and go with the flow, accepting whatever life handed my way. As I started my personal self help journey, I soon realized that I too had to “Re-Program” myself. I had to replace my old, archaic, out dated habits with new ones that actually served me.

So instead of:

1. Sleeping in- I woke up early every day at the same time

2. Going to bed late- I went to bed early every day at the same time

3. Worrying-I become a warrior

4. Going with the flow- I started to create and design the life that I wanted to live

5. Instead of crying victim- I started to choose to be victorious

6. Rather than focus on the problem- I started to create solutions to my problems

7. Instead of trying to fix everyone’s problems- I let go and let God

8. I swapped out looking frazzled and flustered- and made sure that I was put together, polished and poised!


You see, just like a computer, we are all wired or programmed a certain way, either for success or to be unsuccessful. To be fearful, or full of faith. To be full of confusion, or have clarity. So in this Chapter we are going to address how to RE-PROGRAM ourselves for unlimited success.


Lets dig deeper. We all function from our subconscious mind. We have 80,000-90,000 thoughts per day, and all of them are subconscious! So no wonder we sometimes self sabotage our success.

So we must look deep at our Belief Systems to see what is hurting us or helping us. For more, please visit my online coaching program at, and to truly step out of our old useless behaviours & patterns, step into our VIP Power.


Photography by: Jennifer Nicole Lee