The Rise of Travis Guterman As Hollywood's Go-To Business Manager


The Rise of Travis Guterman As Hollywood's Go-To Business Manager

| April 23, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Growing up on the westside of Los Angeles, Travis Guterman was in touch with the entertainment industry from a very young age. His mother worked as a writer and producer, and she would often take him to events and screenings at the Writers Guild. Travis attended a private school in Santa Monica, and many of his classmates were children of celebrities.

Guterman grew up immersed in the entertainment industry, but he wasn't interested in becoming the next superstar actor. Travis wanted to understand the industry's business side, so he took business classes at the local community college. His first job was working as an intern at Merrill Lynch. This work experience taught Travis many things, most importantly, how to communicate with clients. Travis's internship took place during the Great Recession, and Travis was able to see how the financial advisors were walking their clients through major financial decisions during a crisis.

After his internship, Travis started working for a prominent investment firm called TCW. During this time, Travis began to advise an Israeli startup called BITES with financial matters, business development, and content creation.

Now, Travis is a business manager for Hollywood clients, professional athletes, and high-net-worth entertainment executives. Travis recently expanded his business management services to include YouTubers, TikTokers, gamers, and other digital media stars. Guterman helps all his clients achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals while avoiding Hollywood's financial pitfalls.

Many people confuse business managers with traditional accountants. As a business manager, he oversees clients’ daily finances and business operations, allowing them to devote their time and energy entirely to their business’s creative aspects.

Travis proactively manages all facets of his clients' financial lives. He provides guidance around paying bills, insurance, payroll, making investments, asset acquisition, planning for retirement, and even launching brands and companies. These services allow his clients to enjoy a stable financial environment even in times of crisis.

Guterman is one of the few business managers in the entertainment industry under the age of 30. His age allows him to relate to young talent. He’s moved away from the legacy accounting software and banks that traditional business management firms use. Guterman’s path shows that there are many ways to make it in Hollywood.

Photography by: Travis Guterman