Robby Clark's Innovative Tips For Happy and Motivated Staff


Robby Clark's Innovative Tips For Happy and Motivated Staff

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Robby Clark is the CEO of SID Developments, a real estate company dedicated to creating value in cities across Ontario. Robby is also the founder of eFresh Meals, a meal prep company, Lawn Care Alert, a landscaping company, and several others.

As Robby points out, his success wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the people who work with him. "I have an incredibly supportive team that has stayed loyal in the darkest times, so my biggest success is being able to maintain the respect and confidence from my teams and partners. I believe that this is the key that allows for unlimited potential," Robby says.

To build such an amazing team, Robby pays attention to their needs and tries to come up with innovative methods to motivate people. "Money is not everything. Many other factors influence the mood and the productivity of people. As long as you take them into account as well, you will be surrounded by a happy and efficient work team," Robby explains.

Here are several tips from Robby on increasing employee motivation and satisfaction.

Prioritize work-life balance

While at work, people should focus on their job. However, they should also recognize the importance of free time and enjoyable activities after work. Getting enough rest and spending time with the people they love will improve your focus, attention, creativity, energy, and mood.

“A lot of people work overtime. As an employer, you can prevent this from happening and encourage your employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance,” Robby says.

Get to Know Your Team

Employee surveys often include one crucial question: "Do you feel like your boss cares about you and is trying to give you the tools to succeed?” All those who want to have satisfied staff will make sure that the answer to this question is ‘yes.’

“Understanding employees as individuals is key to understanding what areas they excel in and how you can use those passions in your favor to help your business grow,” Robby says.

Make Sure Everyone Is in the Right Position

Having a poorly trained or bad person can be catastrophic in any position. You must also ensure your allstars are properly challenged "If you notice that someone on your team has initiative and is capable of accomplishing big tasks, don't bore them with smaller ones," Robby explains. "Make sure that all people on your team are the perfect fit for their position."

Clarify Your Expectations

Robby recommends all entrepreneurs clearly state their expectations when hiring someone new. He also believes it is a good idea to meet with each team member from time to time to go over their needs & role.

Praise Staff in Front of Others

Everyone loves getting a pat on the back. This gives people the courage to move on and the motivation to work even harder. Robby believes that all team members should be praised when they work hard and get tasks done. Praising an employee in front of others will have an even more meaningful effect.

Mutual Evaluations

“Whether you’re the head of the company or on the frontline, it’s important to have both sides evaluated,” Robby Clark says. “Just like you feel the need to comment on your staffs’ performance, they may also have a thing or two to say to you. Creating a workspace where both you and your team can communicate your concerns and ask for feedback will undoubtedly improve their satisfaction.

Ensure Growth Opportunities

Everyone is looking to grow, learn new things, and develop their skills. Robby advises all entrepreneurs to offer their team members growth in the organization.

Always Support Innovation

“Every now and then, your team will come to you with a new idea. A great way to motivate your staff is by allowing them to innovate,” Robby says. “Not all ideas will be good but innovation does start from perfection. Make adjustments and try new things together. By doing this, the whole team will learn what works and what doesn’t. It will help your team understand the challenges your company has to face. Also, it will ensure employee growth and satisfaction.

Allow Flexible Hours

"If you trust your team members and if you believe in their organizational skills, allow them to manage their schedule how they see fit," Robby explains. "Greater flexibility will undoubtedly translate into greater efficiency as well as high motivation."

Offer More Vacation Time

Robby believes that employees who perform very well should be able to control their schedule more. These rewards don’t always have to be monetary. Sometimes, people appreciate getting to spend more time with their friends and family.

“Make sure to reward people. You can be confident that they will get the work done even if they spend a few extra days at home, at a cottage, or even across the world” Robby says.

Robby loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others, hoping it will help aspiring entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. He’s eager to continue sharing his experiences with those who are equally keen to grow and learn. Please remember that Robby Clark is not a financial advisor and invest at your own risk.

Photography by: Robby Clark