Watch Us or Join Us! Ryan Buttigieg on How to Leverage Brand Slogans That Resonate


Watch Us or Join Us! Ryan Buttigieg on How to Leverage Brand Slogans That Resonate

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A slogan is a short and simple phrase that can make or break a product or business. When done well, these catchy phrases can become the cornerstone of a company's identity. A good slogan can help boost sales by telling the world in one go what makes their product or service unique. Conversely, if a slogan is done poorly, it can drive business away by sending the wrong message. Ryan Buttigieg, the founder of Change Online Ltd, understands the importance of creating slogans that resonate with the people.

Let Your Good Qualities Shine

Ryan Buttigieg and his brother Reece founded their business, Change Online Ltd, with a mission to teach people from all walks of life how to be financially independent. Together, they train people to explore online sources of income that allow them to break free from the regular nine-to-five office hustle and be financially stable on their own, regardless of their gender, age, educational qualification, and employment status. A lot of their focus is on marketing and web building, for which they offer full mentorship.

With plenty of firsthand experience, Ryan and his brother have built a business successful enough to allow them to leave their old jobs. After spending a lot of time and money researching and figuring out what works and what doesn't, they decided to create their own training system designed to help as many people as possible do what they did and break out of the "average" lifestyle.

When looking for new hires, Ryan Buttigieg values qualities like passion, hard work, and focus. These adjectives are apparent in the brand's two slogans: "It Starts With You," and "Watch Us or Join Us." These slogans are short, direct, and effectively convey the brand's sentiment to every person they reach.

Stand Out From the Crowd

One of Ryan's biggest pieces of advice is to make a commitment and work hard to break out of the traditional way of life. He says, "If you aren't going to do everything you can to make the change in your life, then don't bother starting." If someone wants to soar, it takes commitment, sacrifice, and the desire to do more with their life.

These passionate, tough-love perspectives are blatantly obvious in both of the brand's slogans. When one is passionate about what they do, has a clear vision for their brand, and has a firm understanding of their mission and the message they want to convey to the people, it just takes a pinch of creativity to come up with winning slogans.

Consistency Is Key

Another piece of advice that Ryan Buttigieg has for new entrepreneurs is, "Trust the process and stay consistent." When coming up with a winning slogan, consistency is key. People want slogans that can appear everywhere, from advertising to promotional items to public relations materials and beyond. A consistent message helps create brand recognition in the minds of followers and customers.

Photography by: Ryan Buttigieg