It Only Takes One Deal to Change Your Life


It Only Takes One Deal to Change Your Life

| March 25, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

Scott Scheel Has Taught Thousands How to Win in Commercial Real Estate.


J. Scott Scheel is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, educator, and founder of numerous national businesses. He runs a multi-million company that manages commercial properties spread over six million square feet across thirty states. Scott Scheel is a self-made entrepreneur and with an immeasurable imagination and determination that has helped him achieve outstanding success. Apart from real estate investments, his other ventures include film production, energy, and commercial academies. He has also ventured into Scheel publishing, educational entities, and the financial & literacy classes that teach and help others realize and achieve their real estate investment dreams.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Scott is a two-time congressional businessman of the year award winner and most sought-after international speaker and industry leader. He also shares and gives frequent advice on the Fox Business and Varney & company magazine on finance and investment. Over the years, he has been featured in most national publications and media outlets, including the prestigious Forbes magazine, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Business Insider, and Market Watch.

Scott Scheels Background

Born and raised in a poor community in Ohio, Scott Scheel never wanted to struggle financially. He was not set out to be in the real estate space; Scott had joined the industry to make enough money to pursue his film passion. Not wanting to be a starving artist, he took to real estate so no one could dictate terms to him.

In his early life between the late eighties to early nineties, immediately after high school, Scott skipped college and headed straight to work in the computer world as technology boomed around this time. He invested ten years of his life in the technology world, working for a company that manufactured and distributed personal computers. The company served the Government and military as their main clients, and they made millions in sales. With the technology world moving fast, the industry has soon become software-based, and Scott felt it was the right time to move. This is when he made his way into the real estate world.

The real estate journey was not straight and smooth as it appears today; it was challenging and needed an onboard learning experience. Scott did not have a college degree attached to his name, and he relied on resilience, passion, and determination to make his way up the food chain. He opened his real estate chapter with one 24-unit multifamily property suit scaling his way to significant developments, including medical space buildings and mixed-use houses and later to the housing subdivisions. Currently, Scott Scheel has expanded into all real estate categories.

Ten years after joining the real estate industry, Scott realized he had to fulfill his childhood dream and passion for the cameras. He established the Scheel Publishing and the Commercial Academy to provide and deliver media content. The two entities have enabled him to reach and educate thousands about his commercial real estate investment strategies.

Scott always had a passion for helping others; he is currently a world-renowned influencer and motivational speaker sharing the journey he started in his early thirties. He was invited to share his story, knowledge, and accomplishments on a tour and within six months, he was sharing stages with some of the world's most powerful and influential people.

With the U.S real estate market booming, Scheel aspires to educate and motivate more people in the industry and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Photography by: Scott Sheel