Key Moments That Inspired Sneaker Collector And Powerhouse Chris Robinson


Key Moments That Inspired Sneaker Collector And Powerhouse Chris Robinson

| April 12, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

Growing up less privileged than most of his peers, the young Chris Robinson used to only stare at kids who got the latest edition of sneakers. He was only capable of dreaming about the day when he could finally purchase the finest shoes for himself.


When that moment finally came, he found yet another goal in life: to start one of the most ambitious sneaker collections ever. That happened when he received his first paycheck at the age of 14 and purchased his very first pair of Nikes. Formerly just one of many standing in the sneaker lines, he is now one of the figures in control.

What Sparks SB Collector’s Passion

From a dreamer to a collector and now an entrepreneur and influencer in the sneaker community, here is how Robinson, more popularly known as SB Collector, found the inspiration to push through with his current career.

His love for fashion and shoes

For a child with an interest in fashion, particularly shoes, to become one of the most renowned sneaker collectors when they grow up is ultimate bliss. Ever since he was a kid, Robinson has always had his heart set on sneakers, but his circumstances didn’t allow him to purchase what he loved. That’s why if he were given the chance to have a conversation with his 10-year-old self, he would have him prepared for the future that awaited him with his vast collection of shoes.

His motivation is the only thing that’s changed now that he is fortunate enough to be able to purchase even the rarest and most expensive sneakers on the market. In his younger days, Robinson worked hard because he wanted to get the latest pair of shoes for himself, but now hunting for sneakers is what keeps him going. Nonetheless, what inspires him to keep going is still his love for fashion.

His desire to be financially successful

To be wealthy enough to support their family and the people closest to them are things almost everyone dreams about. The same thing applies to Robinson. When he was still young and not as financially capable as he is now, someone insulted him for not being able to afford expensive things. However, rather than letting that person’s put-down discourage him, Robinson used it to inspire him to do his best in life.

Branded Skate Shop, his own sneaker store

In 2007, Robinson finally realized one of his grandest dreams in life by purchasing Adidas Sole in Long Branch, New Jersey. Although he had to close the store two years later, he opened another business, Branded Skate Shop, in 2011. That business is still booming.

However, even after Robinson finally was able to own his own sneaker store, he knew that was not the end goal. His passion for collecting sneakers is not going away any time soon.


Robinson’s journey from being a mere shoe lover to owner of a sneaker shop is a clear indication that the power to pursue one’s dreams comes from a never-ending passion. Chris wanted to be wealthy, so he simply followed through with what he loved the most: sneakers. This led him to become a world-renowned sneakers collector and successful entrepreneur.

Photography by: Chris Robinson