Sports Enthusiast Akinde Gbenga Bayo Shares His Story


Sports Enthusiast Akinde Gbenga Bayo Shares His Story

By Evan Arroyoro By Evan Arroyoro | May 26, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


Over the years, investors have been turning their focus on the world of sports. It’s a competitive and thriving industry from the tracks, rings, and football pitches to arenas and courts. Sports betting in particular is a fast-growing sector attracting attention from both investors and gamblers. Though some may term it a highly risky venture, the massive potential return on investment is a key attraction to millions from around the world.

Additionally, the marketing sector within the industry is massively growing as more brands venture into the space. Influencers have also become an integral part of the marketing campaigns, playing a significant role in introducing even the new brands into the market.

Akinde Gbenga Bayo, notably known as Mr. Bayo, is one of the successful entrepreneurs and influencers making their mark in the industry. Bayo is an experienced social media influencer from Lagos, Nigeria, but is presently based in the United Kingdom where he is pursuing his master’s degree. His extensive network and experience in the sporting world rate him as one of the top influencers with a massive social media following.

Mr. Bayo presently enjoys a loyal audience of about 400k followers on Twitter. He is also known for his engaging tweets and hashtags such as #who is Mr. Bayo, Mr. Bayo prediction, and Mr. Bayo prediction today, among many others. Essentially, if you are a frequent Twitter user, you must have encountered some of his winning codes and tickets. His understanding and sports knowledge have earned him recognition in the industry as a top pundit. Mr. Bayo was also crowned the Best Sporty Analyst in Ikere, Ekiti Estate, in 2013.

The MandyNews publication, a top media brand, announced him as one of the biggest Sportybet winners in the history of the Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani sports betting company. This was after he won $30 million of a ticket with 152.39 odds staked in December 2021.

A versatile entrepreneur, Mr. Bayo is the CEO of Thruways Reality, a top real estate company in Lagos. His hard work and determination to be the best every time has seen him swiftly gain a solid market understanding, paving the way for more success in the future.

However, Mr. Bayo’s journey to success has not been an easy one. He has faced numerous challenges and hurdles, some of which threatened to knock him off balance.

“My biggest challenge was when I started betting, I almost lost all my money but sit back, study the game, and became a big winner. Also, when I started real estate it was hard at first, but after completing a series of projects it became easier. Dealing with social media trolls has been hard,” says Bayo.

A self-made success story, Mr. Bayo believes that you don’t have to do what others do to make money if you don’t fully understand how it works. He suggests that you should find that which you love and are passionate about. You will certainly face numerous challenges, but if you are focused and dedicated, you will certainly find success.

With a dream to build his own business empire, Mr. Bayo wants to continue investing more time and resources in his career. He also wants to grow his real estate and make it one of the biggest brands in the country. Success is best built by working with other like-minded individuals, and that's why Mr. Bayo is keen on expanding and growing his network and probably partnering with other investors or sports enthusiasts from around the world.

Photography by: Courtesy of Akinde Bayo