Spring Forward with Beautiful Bags from Valentino


Spring Forward with Beautiful Bags from Valentino

By Valentino By Valentino | March 19, 2021 | Style & Beauty, Feature, Sponsored Post,

What’s not to love about a chic, luxurious Valentino bag?
Maybe having to decide which color you’d want.

With three colors perfect for any spring wardrobe, our VP of Fashion and Creative Director, James Aguiar, collaborated with photographer Helena Palazzi to put the Valentino Garavani Roman Studs’ best face forward.

“These bags are special because they have a playful spirit and are a re-imagining of the brand’s highly successful Roman Stud collection,” James said. “These bags are the perfect blend of soft and hard, elegant and edgy. It’s the perfect modern mix.”

James and Helena used the shoot to pull out the bags’ personalities; and you might just find that you don’t need one, but three.

Disco Queen

valentino0180-final.jpg“The black bag is ready for a night out. She is ready for a full night on the dance floor.”

True Decadence

valentino0124-final.jpg“The flamingo pink bag is the ultimate party girl, in all her frothy femininity at her own party. Where more is more.”


valentino0014-final2.jpg“The lime sorbet bag embodies the spirit of Spring. It’s the breakthrough to a new season, diving headfirst into a surrealist fantasy.”

Photography by: Helena Palazzi