Steven Dorn: The Creative Entrepreneur Behind Multiple Popular Businesses


Steven Dorn: The Creative Entrepreneur Behind Multiple Popular Businesses

| April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post


Steven Dorn is a life-long entrepreneur and high-society socialite who is focusing on making a difference. Dorn sits at the convergence of many popular industries — like music, entertainment, basketball, and film — building companies, his network, and cultural prestige in all of these spaces. Dorn is the best in the business when it comes to delivering a culturally pertinent message in a highly entertaining and interesting package. When Netflix’s smash hit “Tiger King” took the public’s interest by storm last year, this caught Dorn’s eye as well. Dorn wanted to capitalize on the massive interest of the subject, however due to personal experiences with the tiger conservation industry, he wanted to focus on the truth and help quell some of Tiger King’s more grotesque claims.

Most recently, Dorn has been investing in film content. His film production company, Couch King Productions, produced a new docu-series, "Tiger Kingdom," in order to underscore Doc Antle's meaningful and necessary work in the tiger conservation industry as well as capitalize on the popularity of Netflix's tumultuous original documentary, Tiger King. Continuing his habit of betting on his network, Dorn truly believes in Antle's message and wants to give him a platform to discuss the causes he fights for as well as to fight back against Joe Exotic's disgusting lies.


Intermingled between shots of majestic and exotic tigers, Antle and his team discuss the valuable work they do at Myrtle Beach Safari and dispel all of the original documentary’s lies.

Dorn is prominent in the industry for curating collaborative environments, underground marketing tactics, and unique partnerships. Dorn played a major role in the discovery of as well as in the development of the careers of Pink Sweat$ and Grammy-nominated Bryson Tiller.

Dorn’s newest venture makes it clear that Doc Antle’s Myrtle Beach Safari is not only the Ritz Carlton of tiger sanctuaries and exotic animal zoos, but it also makes it clear that Antle himself is obviously dedicated to the animals’ safety and care. Without Dorn’s persistence and creative vision, we would have never known the truth about Antle and his efforts.

We are excited to see this film continue to gain momentum as well as what Dorn’s next move will be.

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Photography by: Steven Dorn