How Tarun Bhati Made the Leap From MineCraft to Digital Marketing


How Tarun Bhati Made the Leap From MineCraft to Digital Marketing

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Tarun Bhati is among a new breed of entrepreneurs taking digital marketing by storm. This 19-year-old is the owner of three successful business ventures. Considering his age, this is quite a commendable achievement. His journey started with designing a MineCraft server when he was just 15 years old and wanted to have an independent source of income for pocket money without relying on his parents. His initial venture took off, spinning some good revenue for him as the company made a good profit.

However, the MineCraft server was a roller coaster experience for him and he wanted to have a more secure and consistent source of earning. Bhati had some brilliant investment strategies for growing his money. He soon founded a venture capital company called Oleada Capital. The company encouraged investors to fund businesses in New Delhi in exchange for higher returns. It proved to be a profitable venture for both clients and businesses as it helped both sides stay afloat in the COVID-19 pandemic.

After his first taste of success as an entrepreneur, Bhati ventured into his next business with Prior Public, a marketing agency working with brands to escalate their reach to target consumers. The company has helped several brands to grow exponentially within a short period. Prior Public joined hands with other brands like Offertoro and AdGatemedia to expand their reach to more consumers.

Bhati wanted to explore more avenues of revenue generation in the marketing media, so he started a different venture into marketing and promotion with WinRobux. WinRobux helps clients and agencies to promote their apps by a simple tap on the Roblox player base. It also conducts marketing surveys to help companies assess their market reach.

With the growing popularity of WinRobux, Bhati realized the 18-34 age group is the most active audience in the digital space. He also noticed gaming was becoming increasingly popular among young people worldwide. This led him to launch introducing Roblox, a game within WinRobux.

The game involves characters or avatars players need to dress up to make them stand out. Players have to use Robux, a virtual gaming currency, to buy clothes and accessories for the characters. Robux has to be purchased with real currency. This is where WinRobux started generating more revenue for Bhati.

Bhati wanted to take WinRobux further to increase its player base. He soon introduced a reward feature on WinRobux for those who agree to be influencers A person can earn Robux to play the game by promoting an app on WinRobux. The idea proved to be successful, making WinRobux one of the most popular games worldwide. Today the game has more than 150 million players globally.

Bhati stands out as an example for other aspiring young entrepreneurs who want to explore the business opportunities in digital marketing. He believes in consistently progressing in this venture by increasing the involvement of more and more people who could turn into prospective clients. Bhati plans to use the power of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to reach Generation Z because he believes digital media is the only way to attract this young audience. Going forward he wants to work with social media influences to take his business ventures to new heights.

Photography by: Tarun Bhati