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Ocean Drive's Latest Crush: Everything in Chanel's New Fine Jewelry Collection


Ocean Drive's Latest Crush: Everything in Chanel's New Fine Jewelry Collection

By Jimmy Kontomanolis & Gary Duff | January 25, 2018 |

Miami's Top Influencers Share Their Inspiration and Passion for Style

Distinct, modern, bold, elegant—these are just some of the words that perfectly describe Chanel’s Coco Crush collection, a new line of fine jewelry with the brand’s iconic quilting finish at its heart. To celebrate the launch of the collection, Chanel and Ocean Drive gathered some of Miami’s most influential tastemakers at one of the city’s most luxurious oceanfront retreats, W South Beach, to showcase the exquisite jewelry. Freelance Editor and Creative Director Kelly Talamas, fashionistas Amelia and Elisa Ochoa of Sisterly Style, and model Jenny Lopez came together to discuss the timeless style of the Chanel brand, the fun and modern Coco Crush collection, and their own personal style influences.

Have you always been interested in fashion and style or was that something you grew into as you got older?
KELLY TALAMAS: I’ve been interested in fashion since as far back as I can remember. I grew up in a creatively inclined household, so naturally, I developed an appreciation for the aesthetically pleasing at a young age, in anything from home décor to wardrobe preferences. I also grew up in Miami in the 90s, when there was an influx of Italian high fashion and supermodels and top photographers frequented the city, so while I wasn’t necessarily following runway collections, I did spend my weekends on the beach, since my parents had an apartment there, just observing the scene. It really piqued my interest in the fashion world and influenced both my style and understanding of the industry.

AMELIA & ELISA OCHOA: Since we were kids we have always loved fashion and style. It's our passion and it seems to be a feeling we carry in our blood. As we grew older, it has evolved but, always, a part of who we are.

JENNY LOPEZ: Always, my mom told me that ever since I was a little girl I would “dress” up my dolls with different pieces of fabric.

Amelia & Elisa Ochoa

When did your fashion style become yours? Or does it continue to evolve?
KT: My style has definitely evolved throughout the years. Though I’ve always preferred a more classic, understated style, I started working in the fashion industry at a very young age, which lent to being more flexible and playful with fashion and trying out all types of trends and styles. Moving cities over the past six years has also impacted the way I dressfirst in Mexico City and now in Bogota—since I’ve had to adapt to the different cultures, climates and lifestyles. I’d say in the past year, however, I’ve come back to a more original, somewhat classic, feminine style, which really just feels right for me.

AO & EO: We think it is something that continuously evolves according to your life experiences, lifestyle, and age. Even though certain characteristics or elements are always part of it and define it no matter what, style is a way of showing and saying who we are without words through actions, behaviours, and how we mix pieces to create our looks.

JL: I think it’s always evolving but I could say that working with Free People definitely made me more secure of it.


Kelly Talamas

What are your go-to fashion pieces? The item that can make or break a look?
KT: Honestly, there’s nothing like an amazing pair of jeans. I’m a serial collector, in all shapes and sizes. I’m also really into bodysuits and slip dresses lately—sleek and minimal.

As far as a “make or break” item, I think belts are really underrated. My sister collects belts and she’s kind of passed it onto me. A belt can really pull an outfit together in so many ways.

AO & EO: Our go-to fashion pieces are definitely a handbag, shoes, accessories/jewelry, and maybe a jacket because they can make or break a look. For example, jewelry plays a significant role because it allows you to use the same outfit, but in a different way according to the occasion. You can transform it through the jewelry you choose to wear and how you mix it. We consider it the cherry on top of the cake.

JL: Glasses and jackets.

How does jewelry play a role in your everyday style?
KT: I think jewelry is that subtle accentuation which completes an outfit. For me, it’s a very personal touch, as well. Each of my everyday pieces, for example, tell a personal story. Some have been gifted to me by loved ones for special occasions and others I’ve bought for myself to celebrate personal accomplishments, so when I wear them, it’s like carrying those memories with me. I don’t think that happens so much with clothing.

JL: Jewelry is key. I love to mix and match fine jewelry and vintage pieces and I can always add some artisan pieces to it.


Jenny Lopez

The Chanel Coco Crush collection is elegant with a modern twist. How does the collection reflect your own style choices?
KT: Coco Crush is really on par with my day-to-day style. It definitely consists of the kind of accessories I look to invest in. For example, my favorite go-to purse is my Chanel 2.55 bag because it’s timeless and works with almost everything in my closet. This collection is its equivalent in jewelry form.

AO & EO: Coco Crush reflects our style in terms of being eclectic, versatile, elegant, and by the fact that you can mix and match each piece as you want to, giving your personal touch by how you wear it.

JL: I love this collection; it reflects my style because its playful and easy to mix and match.

What is your favorite piece from the Coco Crush collection?
KT: I love a good bangle, so I’m personally drawn to the thin bracelets, which you can stack together in the varied gold versions. I also love the ear cuff. It’s edgy and classic at the same time and make the perfect everyday earring for the cool type of girl.

AO & EO: We adore the thin bracelets because you can wear them everyday. They look super pretty if you stack a few together or if you wear only one. Also, the Coco Crush earrings that come in three little hoops because you can wear them in many ways too! In general, we love the cool vibes the collection has and the fact that it is classic, timeless, and elegant, yet modern and fresh.

JL: I have so many favorites to list: The bow earrings, lion ring, and Manchette cuff. My must have is the ear cuff Coco Crush.

See the stunning new Coco Crush collection now by visiting


Photography by: Creative Direction by Jimmy Kontomanolis. Video produced by Harold Estime and Anthony Pearson. Photography by Chris Carter. Styling by Katherine Lande. Hair by Danny Jelaca. Makeup by Daniel Pazos and Scharon Isse. Manicures by Krisitna Konarski. Shoot Location: W South Beach. Clothing, accessories and jewelry provided by Chanel