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1 - The Big Lift

It was only a matter of time: Now that New York-based Exhale has opened at the Epic Hotel, Miami has its own legion of fans—of both the spa and its Core Fusion. When it comes to Exhale, Annbeth Eschbach, founder and CEO, talks of features like 14 therapy rooms, a yoga studio overlooking the pool deck, the Wellbar for signature treatments and a co-ed hammam detox chamber. “The hammam chamber is a very unique experience,” says Eschbach. “The warm temperature of a hammam inspires detoxification superior to a steam room because it slowly warms the body to a temperature that allows it to perspire without dehydration.

Core Fusion is an indisputable part of the draw. The daily roster of classes combines Lotte Berk Method, core conditioning, Pilates and yoga, which washboard abs and a perky behind. (We’ll find no arguments there.) We asked Fred DeVito, cofounder of Core Fusion, for a few more details.

OCEAN DRIVE: Are there any classes that have been added to the regular group of Core Fusion classes?
FRED DEVITO: Exhale at the Epic Hotel currently offers Core Fusion, Core Fusion Yoga, Core Fusion Sport and Music Yoga Flow on their class schedule. All classes are completely proprietary to Exhale, and are based off of the Core Fusion model, developed by [myself] and Elisabeth Halfpapp. Exhale at the Epic Hotel has just added Core Fusion Exhale, a Core Fusion class with an extra 15 minutes of restorative stretches and savasana at the end.

Anything else new?
The opening of the Miami flagship will also see the launch of Exhale’s new Core Personal Training program. The one-on-one methodology will include training and guidance in a gym environment incorporating Core Fusion and other mind-body modalities into a program designed around traditional cardiovascular and weight machines and equipment.

What about Core Fusion is so appealing to people?
Core Fusion, completely proprietary to Exhale, is a one-hour class which fuses the disciplines of core conditioning, Pilates, yoga and orthopedic stretching to produce long, lean muscles, a flexible, youthful body and a sense of peace and relaxation. Named by New York and Boston magazines as one of the best fitness classes, this highly publicized mind-body class is known as a transformational fitness experience. The most appealing aspect of the Core Fusion program at Exhale is the fact that when people are diligent about going to class three to four times a week, they receive fast results.

What should those who have never tried it before know going in?
Those who are not familiar with the Core Fusion program should know that they will be challenged throughout the one-hour class, as each class focuses on toning, balance, flexibility, cardio and strengthening. However, the fusing of all these disciplines makes the hour well worth the effort. Core Fusion training relies heavily on a proper, thoroughly researched technique as a foundation for the most effective workout in the journey to achieve optimal physical fitness.


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