The Daytona Irbis Project by Designa Individual Watches


The Daytona Irbis Project by Designa Individual Watches

By: The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine By: The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine | June 23, 2022 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


The passion of two artists who managed to gather around them a team of the best craftsmen led to the creation of the Designa Individual Manufacture brand based in Germany. One of the things that set this brand apart is the ability to work with high-end composite materials such as carbon fiber, but also the constant concern for innovation, striving to discover and improve their working techniques in order to create pieces unmatched in the watch modification industry.

As we look at DIW Manufacturer’s recent modifications in the Carbon Daytona collection, we discover the Daytona Irbis project which is based on the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 116500, which is designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers, being an icon for the high - performance world of motorsport. The Daytona Irbis is equipped with the calibre 4130, self-winding mechanical chronograph movement developed and manufactured by Rolex. Its architecture incorporates fewer components than a standard chronograph, saving space and making it possible to house a large mainspring to deliver a power reserve of 72 hours.

The result of years of innovation and research, the Irbis project combines in its design two high-end materials with an outstanding high-class finishing. The case is made of white quartz fibre and the bezel is made of carbon fibre, which together with the beautiful panda dial creates a visual highlight that sits on your wrist and makes you the center of attention among watch lovers and collectors.


In terms of wearing comfortability, it achieves very high standards. Although this model is not as light as other models within the Carbon Daytona collection due to the use of quartz, which is not as light as carbon, it remains comfortable at a total weight of 57.97 grams. The bracelet contributes to the comfort being hand-made of nato-nylon, and the buckle is an element made of the same material as the case, which is high-end quartz fiber. To make sure it suits your wrist the DiW team have chosen to offer several bracelet sizes to satisfy any customer.

The backcase is made out of high-end carbon, having engraved on it “Limited Edition Tribute To Daytona Carbon Fiber" along with the brand and the project name. Another interesting detail is the night-time viewing mode, under cover of darkness the indicator for every hour glows allowing you to view the time. The luminous coating on the indicator provides.

With a production time of 18 weeks, according to Gleb Karlsen, Brand Manager of DiW Manufacture, "The wait is totally worth it" due to the exclusivity and the fact that it was produced in only ten pieces. From the same manager we learn that if you want to have this watch in your collection you can contact the brand through the website to find out details about the availability of the Irbis project.


Photography by: Designa Individual Watches