The Duality of The Journey with Louis Andre & TUMI Fragrance


The Duality of The Journey Featuring Louis Andre and TUMI Fragrance

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Globally, we have evolved into a new normal; where each day is an adventure, a journey. Today’s gentleman is managing a busier-than-ever schedule and navigating the fusion of his professional, personal, and social lifestyles. For this modern man, there are two sides to this journey, to his every day.

Louis Andre Tumi Fragrance

Louis Andre, a Miami-based men’s lifestyle blogger who’s eye-catching Instagram is filled with uber-stylish photography and creative messaging, explains how his individual journey starts with positivity and ends with reflection. I wake up with a positive mind set and get ready to tackle the day. I make sure to meditate and to have an open mind.” Andre makes it a point that this new day and age has forced him to take action on the things that matter most. “Today I will inspire, recharge, educate myself, and be unique in everything I do. I hope to be a person that motivates others to be better in every way they possibly can.”

On the other side of his journey, and for the latter part of the day, Andre only wishes to “unwind my body and mind; the balance I need for revitalization and stimulation.” He closes the evening feeling relaxed and reconnected with himself and his partner.

AWAKEN [08:00 GMT] TUMI and UNWIND [20:00 GMT] TUMI capture this duality. And for Louis Andre, TUMI’s “two fragrances speak to my lifestyle and mental stability...They set me free and let me reset daily, which is something we all need.” Each has a distinctive essence that helps Louis feel complete given the diverse world he operates in. AWAKEN [08:00 GMT] TUMI has a “very elegant and high-class smell that I can wear all day. It’s my personal favorite.” Whereas, UNWIND [20:00 GMT] TUMI has a unique scent that “catches your attention from the moment you smell it and makes me think of a clean wood cabin. The grassy and woodsy makes it refreshing, like rainwater on wood or like taking a shower in the rainforest.”

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