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The Experts' Guide to Boxing at Home


The Experts' Guide to Boxing at Home

By Katie Jackson | April 10, 2020 | Lifestyle

No heavy bag? No problem. Dr. Ozgur Alan and Alvin Davie of Tapout Fitness Miami tell us how to jab-cross-jab our way to a healthy body and mind at home.

TapoutFitnessAlvinROY0122.jpgTapout Fitness Miami's Head Trainer, Alvin Davie.

First, introduce yourself. Tell us about your fitness journey.
ALVIN DAVIE: My name is Alvin “Gorgeous Al” Davie. I am a professional boxer, as well as a temple specialist. That’s right, a temple specialist. Your body is your temple and it’s the only one you get. I work to help people improve themselves mentally and physically. I have a degree in health and physical education, so I fell right into the industry, helping people better themselves. A few years ago, I started working with clients one-on-one which led me to open the first technology-based boxing gym in the world. I joined the Tapout Fitness Miami team at the end of last year and have taken on the role of Head Trainer.

DR. OZGUR ALAN: I was a professional athlete, a collegiate level coach and have industry training experience. I am a coach, educator and researcher with three degrees in sport sciences. I co-authored a personal training and a sport nutrition textbook published by the National Council on Strength and Fitness, published scientific articles and have also presented at international conferences. I know the Tapout Fitness Miami owner, Ateeq Afzal from our attendance at the University of Miami. When he suggested I be part of the vision to differentiate high-end group exercise, I was on board. The Miami fitness community has a lot to offer, but this project is the missing link between luxury fitness and boxing-infused high intensity interval training.

Why is boxing such a beneficial workout?
AD: Boxing incorporates both mental and physical training. If you’re working through mitts or combinations with your coach, he is giving you information that your brain has to process. Your hands and feet have to instantly carry out those combos. Boxing is a reactive sport that forces you to fight physical and mental exhaustion.

A lot of people use boxing as a major stress reliever. How can we still calm anxiety without hitting the heavy bag?
AD: A classic warm up boxers use is called shadowboxing. Shadowboxing is throwing punches into the air, as if you were fighting an opponent in your head. I like to imagine the person in front of me is whoever worked my nerves the most that day, LOL.

What are a few tips you’d give to someone who is totally new to boxing/martial arts-infused workouts?
AD: The tip that I would give is the same tip I would give to anyone starting something new: consistency is key. I remember the first day I walked into a boxing gym, I had never been in a ring before, but I took it day by day and now look at me.

Many people like the motivation of working out in group classes. How can we get that same motivation from virtual workouts?
AD: First, the key to getting motivation from a virtual workout is to find a workout and instructor you love. Second, you have to have something in you that wants to get better and be better than the person you were before you started the class. Finally, post your customary Instagram workout pic. Nothing makes a person workout more than a well-deserved post-workout selfie! You just completed a challenge—you should show off!

OA: Participating in group exercise has been shown to improve physical, mental and social function, which in turn, enhances participants’ motivation to sustain attendance and produce stronger efforts. Removing that social environment can jeopardize the outcome for those who "depend" on group exercise classes. However, there is notable evidence that the social influence of family and significant others has higher effects on one's exercise attitude and compliance, higher than co-exercisers, or, in other words: your friends from your gym’s spinning or yoga class. Many may be learning that firsthand; in our current confounded lifestyles, we are involving family members and loved ones who were not normally part of our "gym life." Try it, invite a friend to a LIVE workout and chat with them on the feed, it’s highly motivating.


Let’s talk about workout playlists. What are your go-to songs that get you motivated?
AD: Music is my specialty; I have the best playlist in group fitness history, ha! Two of my all-time favorite workout songs are Nelly's "Heart of A Champion" and Meek Mill's "I’m a Boss". You have to apply both a champion heart and a boss-like mentality to make it through my class.

OA: Although my music selection in my everyday life may be different, I prefer to listen to more groovy and higher bpm progressive house tracks to motivate myself. The current data is not sufficient enough to draw a conclusion, but there are studies supporting energetic, faster, high bpm music’s effect on enhancing strength and power performancemeasures through improved motivation and psychological arousal. Some of my go-to songs are: "Opus" and "Rotonda" from Eric Prydz, "I/Y" from Yotto & Lane 8, Tiesto's "Take Me" and Swedish House Mafia's "One."

What’s the best way to recover after an intense workout?
AD: A smoothie packed with protein from Ringside Organics (our coffee and juice bar) at Tapout Fitness Miami of course!

OA: Sounds simple, but a nutritious meal high in protein content and long high-quality sleep.

What kinds of workouts can we expect to see from Tapout Fitness and where can we tune in?
AD: Tapout Fitness Miami is a fitness studio that incorporates various targeted fitness classes. Our HIIT training facility offers traditional martial art classes for adults and children. Our signature adult classes include aspects of functional training, boxing, kickboxing and HIIT all based on the martial arts principle of mutual respect.

The programs that are published online consist mostly of functional warmups, bodyweight and boxing inspired workouts. The great thing about online training is we have the freedom to think outside the box. Rather than going from exercise to exercise, instructors have programmed boxing integrated workouts, EMOMs and circuit training programs which keep you on your toes! Several of our trainers have opted to program workouts that specialize in the body parts/muscle groups that they love. TFM workouts are on our Instagram and our YouTube page! You can jump into a LIVE training or challenge yourself with our pre-recorded programs.

Any other tips we need to know to get the most out of an at home workout?
AD: Don’t lose your routine. Set a workout schedule similar to when you were able to go to the gym. Select your workouts and/or online classes for the week. Note the times, styles and exertion levels (mix it up) and stick to that plan.

TapoutFitness_Faena_ROY0058.jpgJoin Tapout Fitness Miami's virtual classes on Instagram and YouTube.

Photography by: courtesy of Tapout Fitness Miami