The Role Of A Legal, Tax And Business Finance Life Coach…


The Role Of A Legal, Tax And Business Finance Life Coach…

By DeWitt PLLC By DeWitt PLLC | November 9, 2023 | People, Sponsored Post,


A bright and ambitious overachiever, DeWitt has marched to the beat of her own drum her entire life. She has always loved the thrill of excelling in any topic she decides to tackle in life, whether it be as a single mother (by choice) raising her four children or racing off-road dirt bikes and motorcycles in her spare time. She truly believes we are at a unique time in history and there is nothing keeping her from doing it all these days.

Suzanne takes an entrepreneurial approach to what she calls “the practice of life.” It boils down to filling that communication gap for the client by translating technical advice into not only understandable (and surprisingly interesting!), practical and workable terms, but also giving the client the opportunity to make their own fully informed decisions.


Offering a single service, such as international tax law advice, feels like an incomplete solution to the multiple layers involved when advising ultra-high net worth individuals, families and private businesses in global tax minimization, domestic and cross-border asset design and structuring.

At any point in the year, the client should have a snap-shot of their asset holdings, tax planning and business continuity from multiple angles – from a clear understanding of business ownership vs. control to regularly meeting with clients to ensure a working understanding of their tax and business planning – and how to maintain it.

“Clients put their faith in me when securing their legacies and ensuring that what they have built—through lifetimes of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice—is sustainable for future generations,” she says.


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