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Beauty Insider: Experts Weigh In On Their Top Tips This Season


Beauty Insider: Experts Weigh In On Their Top Tips This Season

By Nicole Schubert | March 12, 2019 | Style & Beauty

When it comes to beauty, finding the perfect routine is often an arduous task. And like building an all-star wardrobe, in order to find what suits us best, we have to try the various sizes and countless options. So, to help you develop a capsule collection with all the necessary essentials, we put together top tips and tricks from some of the industry’s most sought-after experts, to help save you time and effort and give you the ultimate shortcuts.

Here’s the scoop from our Beauty Insiders:

The universal question. How to keep our skin firm while exposing ourselves to the sun. What is your expert advice to stimulate collagen and fight wrinkles after long hot Miami days?
MARIA HATZISTEFANIS, Founder of Rodial: Using a collagen boosting product really helps to improve skin elasticity, and to stimulate collagen. The Rodial Collagen Booster Drops are an amazing way to inject extra collagen into your regimen. Containing a 30% Collagen complex, the booster works to increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while deeply hydrating the skin. You can add the Rodial Collagen Booster Drops to your existing day cream or mask, or apply it straight to the skin. It is a lightweight formula which is perfect when you live in a hot climate—the last thing you want to do is apply thick textured products to your skin in the heat as it will clog up your pores. Furthermore, the Booster Drops are extremely hydrating which is a must as the skin can be deeply de-hydrated in the warm weather.

Maria Hatzistefanis

PAVLLO ZENGO, Head of Brand Partnerships of FOREO: Being that I’m a South Floridian myself, I realize how important that is—how much sun we get. One of the biggest things we need to realize is the importance of when to protect your skin because people think it's only when they’re laying out or when they’re outside in the sun exposed all day. No, we are exposed even going into the car, especially in the kind of heat and sun in Florida, all those times your skin is exposed to the UV rays. So, the number one thing is obviously to use sunscreen and number two that I highly recommend is hyaluronic acid. For me personally, I have a hyaluronic acid serum that I use and then I also use the FOREO UFO mask. This is what leads to smoother, plumper skin cells.

Pavllo Zengo

What are your top do’s and don’ts for sustaining perfect skin?
PETER THOMAS ROTH, Founder & CEO of Peter Thomas Roth: Do always keep skin properly hydrated. Whether you have normal, oily or dry skin, everyone needs hydration! My Water Drench® Hyaluronic Cloud Cream is for all skin types—and provides up to 72 hours of hydration, even after cleansing. It’s also packed with three molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid that draw up to 1,000 times their weight in water from moisture in the atmosphere. When you put this fluffy light gel cream on, your skin is going to feel silky soft and hydrated, and appear more youthful.

Do have a well-rounded skin care routine. The ideal routine depends on your skin type and concerns, but I personally love a great exfoliator, cleanser, treatment serum and moisturizer. Even when you travel, I think it’s important to stay consistent—this is why almost all of my products are available in convenient travel sizes. If your favorite full-size products don’t come in travel sizes, you can also pick up small toiletry containers at your local drugstore and just transfer your full-size formulas into them. At the bare minimum, please always wash your face before bedtime and when you wake up in the morning. Can you believe some people don’t?

Lastly, don’t forget to exfoliate! Exfoliating one to three times a week helps unclog pores and improves absorption of treatment serums and moisturizers. My FIRMx® Peeling Gel visibly exfoliates by rolling, lifting and sweeping away impurities as you massage it into your skin. Multi-action enzymes of Pineapple, Pomegranate and Keratinase work with Cellulose to help reveal a smooth, fresh, radiant complexion without drying or irritation. Rinse off with water right away or leave on for up to five minutes to get extra enzymatic exfoliation. You’re going to love the results! And, of course, try to stay out of the sun as much as you can. Covering up with clothes or a hat is easiest, then use SPF on areas you can’t cover up. FYI, if you are invited on someone’s speedboat on a gloriously sunny summer day, just go for it. It’s okay to break the rules a couple times a year and live your life!

Peter Thomas Roth

When it comes to beautiful long nails, getting a manicure is essential. But in between appointments, we face overgrown cuticles and chips. What are your suggestions for homecare in between appointments?
CHRISTINA QUERCIA, Head of Nails at Glamsquad: When receiving a manicure be sure your manicurist does not overcut live skin—this is the main cause of hangnails. Only the cuticle on the nail should be removed. Post manicures, it's best to always have a good nail oil on you to hydrate your nails as often as possible. I suggest a minimum of three times a day. One of my favorites is CND Solar Oil. Applying a topcoat two or three days after the manicure will give your nails high shine and help with the longevity of the polish. Remember to let it fully dry after applying because the topcoat will react with the polish, making it wet again.


And Melina, the icon of eye lash extensions. Give us the lash 101 post application.
MELINA CESPEDES, Owner of Lash Society Miami: We always recommend that you use oil free products or water based products. The oil breaks up the adhesive and breaks up the bond between the eyelash extension and your lash. We also say never to brush when your eyelashes are wet or when you have been anywhere with heat like the gym or out in the sun tanning. Also, a lot of people don’t know that when you go into the pool or have been in the sun and you sweat, you need to wash off your face and your lashes because the salt or chlorine from the pool also breaks up your adhesive. All of those little things elongates the life of your lash extensions.


The perfect hair routine is a professional task. What are your tips to making it easier?
JONATHAN COLOMBINI, L'Oréal Celebrity Hairstylist: You should have quite a few hair routines in the bank by this point. For some that don’t, let’s not get overwhelmed with options. The integrity of the hair is always my priority. I recommend having a solid go-to shampoo and conditioner that is a staple in your routine. Then, add a second set of shampoos and conditioners that offer something different. For example, your everyday routine may involve a moisture shampoo and conditioner. Your add-on can now be a volumizing duo or a color protector for those who color. Later, add a hair mask once a week to the routine. I always say that everyone’s hair routine is like a wardrobe you collect over time.

Is there a trick to keeping long locks healthy in between cuts?
CHRISTINA VASILAKOS, Stylist & Color Specialist at Safar Miami: Hair grows half an inch to an inch a month. You should trim every few months at least half an inch. Six to eight weeks you should always have a trim, especially if you’re trying to grow it. Your hair is stronger when its thicker.

Millie Morales

What’s the ultimate secret behind treatments?
MILLIE MORALES, Garnier Brand Ambassador: Giving your hair TLC once a week is key to having healthy luscious hair as I recommend for my clients to do a hair mask at least once a week. Before a big event or night out, do a hair mask and apply a leave-in conditioner to keep hair hydrated before applying heat and styling products to create the desired look. One of my favorite treatments which can be used as an in-shower conditioner or leave-in conditioner is the new Garnier Whole Blends Ginger Recovery Leave-In or Rinse-Out Treatment because it strengthens and revitalizes hair.

Photography by: Photography courtesy of Rodial, FOREO, Peter Thomas Roth, Glamsquad, Lash Society Miami, and Garnier