Who Is Travis Blakely, And Why Should All Entrepreneurs Follow Him


Who Is Travis Blakely, And Why Should All Entrepreneurs Follow Him

| April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Successful entrepreneurs are those who shake up the market with a revolutionary product or service. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the world online, businesses followed suit. This includes the rise of social media marketing, and to harness this platform, a lot of fledgling companies needed help. Enter Travis Blakely, the man who has made the most of social media during the pandemic. By recognizing the paradigms that resulted from the pandemic, Travis’s companies grew by 200% in a roller-coaster economy.

With the world going into lockdown, web traffic skyrocketed, as did social media use. While confined, people have developed hobbies they decided to monetize. The challenge is how to do this when people are stuck inside. The answer is to engage your brand with your target audience. Thanks to his ability to interpret internet use and social media strategies, Travis established a strong digital footprint. This means he was able to introduce his brand to target audiences with no one leaving the house.

While countless businesses were unprepared for the pandemic, the opposite held true for Travis due to the nature of his work. An advocate of social media campaigns, this marketing authority was in an optimal place when COVID swept the globe. In no time, Travis was able to increase discovery and engagement. 

One of the things that set social media marketing apart is its interaction between companies and customers. The pandemic fueled new online communities, creating a haven of support during difficult times. Businesses could talk to consumers, and consumers could talk to each other, creating a truly unique opportunity for that organization to build a strong relationship with people. Travis did not overlook this phenomenon but encouraged clients to embrace it and use it as a method to create brand loyalty.

It isn’t very often a company can experience monumental growth during a worldwide tragedy that cripples the global economy. Yet Travis saw a silver lining to not only keep his companies going strong but to help others build businesses during these rocky times. These extraordinary accomplishments alone make him an example, entrepreneurs should follow even when the odds are stacked against them.

Photography by: Travis Blakely