Travis Bott Plays a Key Role in the Adoption of Bitcoin


Travis Bott Plays a Key Role in the Adoption of Bitcoin

Thomas Herd | April 7, 2021 | People


After a hiatus of several years, cryptocurrency is back and stronger than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic had a substantially detrimental effect on many industries, however, it was just the opposite with cryptocurrency. The scarcity of the dollar contributed to meteoric rises in various cryptocurrency, most notable Bitcoin, as one Bitcoin rose to almost $60,000 during the year. Many industries are also seeking to implement blockchain technology into their business, adding valuable elements of safety and security that come with such technology.

Travis Bott is one of the many disruptive figures in the cryptocurrency space, creating various new channels for the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ultimately adding value to the industry as a whole. Bott’s groundbreaking methods are giving a vast array of benefits for users of cryptocurrency, implementing innovative incentive programs and new approaches to access and transact money worldwide.

Bott’s partnership with his company Beyond Global, and Multi Currency Wallet is bringing forth beneficial ways to access and transact money internationally. Multi Currency Wallet is now the first exchange to offer its users its own Visa debit card, as well as various incentive programs. Users are now able to have uncapped earning potential when other users make a qualified transaction on the exchange, and are also able to earn up to five percent cash back. The ZoomMe feature on Multi Currency Wallet also allows users to make global transactions without any fees or charges, a service that spans six continents and ninety countries.

Bott is key cog in Bitcoin adoption, as well as and pushing the industry into the mainstream world by adding great benefits and incentive programs for his users. He has established partnerships with many rewards providers that are paramount for its users. The collaboration between Bott’s company MLM venture and Lurra Life is a salient example.

Lurra Life’s My10k Life initiative urges people to walk over 10k steps a day, helping them increase their fitness and and overall health, while providing access to number of rewards for those who can perform the initiative. Users can access rewards through the various reward partners in Lurra Life’s network. This is just one of many examples of Bott’s innovative approach to make cryptocurrency a viable tool for different industries. Blockchain technology already has the capability to disintermediate over 99 percent of financial services, Bott is now implementing cryptocurrency into industries that may never have benefited from it, a true testament to the entrepreneurial savvy of Travis Bott.


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