Tributo, The Shapewear of the Season: Custom-Made Fajas from Colombia


Tributo, The Shapewear of the Season: Custom-Made Fajas from Colombia

By Digital Nod By Digital Nod | November 16, 2022 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


The best kind of fashion statement is the one that lets you express yourself, and it’s a testimony to grace, beauty, and functionality. Tributo’s shapewear girdles are just that. So as we enter the tail-end of the year, it’s time for their Columbian fajas to help you develop a beautiful relationship with your body.

If you’ve never heard of fajas, it’s an excellent time to learn about them. Fajas are compression garments originating from Colombia, specially designed to help people (not just women) achieve their desired body shapes over time. Although they do not directly contribute to weight loss without dieting or workouts, they can be instrumental in helping transform the shape of the body. They can either be used for surgical after-care or non-surgical sculpting. They are produced as full-body girdles, mid-thigh girdles, panty-style/bodysuit girdles, and belly bands. Custom-made fajas are super-inclusive because they take into consideration the small-to-large variations in the bodies of women across all sizes.

Columbian Custom-made fajas answer a very pressing need of the hour as they help women break free from the oppression of standard sizes. Viviana Millan, CEO of Tributo says, “People’s bodies are different, and all of them are beautiful, but standard sizes do not make people feel this way. When I started working in the fajas industry 15 years ago, selling other Colombian fajas brands, I realized that the product needed multiple updates and upgrades. With the little funding available to me, I invested in research, procuring high-quality materials, and improving the existing product. When clients from the US began to seek our products out, I realized that producing customized garments was a highly appreciated service.”

Compression garments like fajas were traditionally used to offer post-surgical support as they helped control swelling and improve blood circulation. And if you’ve ever had a tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts, breast lifts, breast reduction, or full Mommy Makeover, you know the post-surgery precautions you must take. For one, among the more serious post-surgery risks is the chance of your blood clotting. Customized fajas can help you deal with that as the constant pressure from shapewear will ensure the blood flows freely without clotting, thus helping your body heal and recover effectively.

In fact, fajas are clinically recommended by surgeons not only to keep the blood circulation going but also to ensure that the sculpting yields desired results. It has been observed that people who don’t wear fajas for up to 6 months to a year (as per the surgeon’s recommendations) can distort the result of their surgery. Additionally, fajas can also help reduce post-surgery pain by lifting your tissues and tightening the skin around your incisions.

Tributo’s custom-made fajas are exclusive to every person they are designed for. So naturally, this makes every customized Tributo fajas one of its kind. While that’s appealing in itself, it’s not the whole story. Apart from developing fajas that fit your body like a glove, Tributo’s fajas have a unique level of elasticity and abdominal reinforcement that’s not easy to create or replicate. In essence, a customized fajas is like a second skin in the form of comfortable, effective, and high-quality shapewear.

The post-surgery benefits of a custom-made fajas are for anyone to see. But they are not exclusive to post-surgery alone. Customized fajas are also useful for mothers who want to regain their shape after childbirth and people who want a confidence boost without surgery. Customized fajas, when co-opted with the right nutrition exercise, can transform fat and skin alignments to achieve a more compressed appearance. Fajas should not be thought of as a quick way to weight loss but as effective assistants in your journey to achieve the body shape of your dreams. And not a colorless dream either, although some of Tributo’s most popular fajas continue to be the traditional black and cocoa, their recent line is bursting forth with an inspiring pallet of beautiful colors. “We recently launched the stunning Hot Pink collection, a brilliant color that no other company produces,” says Millán, who cultured Fajas Tributo to cater to people across all gender and non-binary identities. “We have cool blues that are super beautiful as well. Our custom garments come in stunning colors such as Deep Ocean, Coral Dreams, Hot Pink, HER (lavender), Beige, and Cocoa. Of course, there’s also the powerful black option.”

Tributo is committed to assisting people on their journey to come into their own. The company has joined the low but growing number of voices who are welcoming and encouraging diversity and inclusivity in the way they do things. With the shapes of women as their muse and their courage as their motivation, Tributo’s custom-made fajas in their bevy of exciting colors are indeed the shapewear of the season.

Photography by: Courtesy of Tributo