Tricks of the Trade: Makeup Artist Ivan Pol

Photograph by Brian Keith | July 7, 2011 | The Latest Homepage Latest

1 - Tricks of the Trade: Makeup Artist Ivan Pol
Summer beauty: Hair and makeup by Ivan Pol

We sat down with veteran makeup artist and eyelash aficionado Ivan Pol, who has been in the business for 12 years, to chat about everything from looking pretty during the summer to his makeup-kit secret weapon.

How long have you been working in Miami?
IVAN POL: I moved back to Miami—which is my hometown—three years ago. I’ve been working at Oribe for two years.

Who are your celebrity clients?
IP: My celebrity clients include: The icon, Jennifer Lopez; the screen siren/starlet, Kate Winslet; the sex symbol/goddess, Pamela Anderson; the royal, Queen Rania of Jordan; the songstress, Joss Stone; and the author, Candace Bushnell.

From a makeup perspective, how does one deal with Miami’s balmy weather?
IP: Fresh skin in always on trend. To beat the Miami heat use a toner before applying your makeup! It will get rid of any excess oil and grime, which can later lead to unwanted shine.

What’s the one big trend this summer?
IP: The seventies are back!

What product should every woman own?
IP: Coty Airspun lose powder in translucent. It’s a permanent staple in my makeup kit: A secret weapon against creasing under-eye concealer and T-zone shine.

Finish the following sentence: Ladies should not leave the house without…
IP: Filling in their eyebrows. Think of your brows as the frame around the portrait of your face. Choose a color that’s a shade lighter than your hair. After professionally shaping a client’s brows at the salon, their eyes get an instant lift. They leave looking and feeling younger!

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