How Undefeated Boxing Champ Darren Goodall Got His Start


How Undefeated Boxing Champ Darren Goodall Got His Start

| April 30, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Lance Darren Goodall, or Darren, is a virtual trainer to the stars and an undefeated boxing champion. His boxing career launched the same time this multi-level entrepreneur opened his first fitness center.


At just 28 years old, Darren opened Venom Fitness in Wyckoff, NJ. The gym started as a 6,000 square foot space which had to be expanded to 14,000 square feet thanks to its roaring success. Five years later, Darren opened a second location in Osprey, FL coming in at 11,000 square feet. Unfortunately, the Wyckoff location had to close permanently due to the pandemic.

When his first gym opened, Darren also began his professional boxing career. He was a top ranker for the same promoter who represented Manny Pacquaio, Terrence Crawford, and a young Floyd Mayweather. Darren fought his first three matches at the Prudential Center and the legendary Madison Square Garden.

For his personal trainer expertise, Darren has been featured on Bravo for training Danielle Staub, Lauren Manzo, and Ashlee Malleo. In fact, he was recently mentioned on Ashlee’s 20-pound weight loss press coverage. He had a cameo of sorts in the Real Housewives of New Jersey as a trainer in Danielle’s workout video. He was in another Bravo feature with Lauren Manzo.

Though his flagship Venom Fitness has to shut its doors when COVID-19 struck, Darren relied on his online expertise to continue offering options. A renowned personal trainer, he simply transitioned his instruction into a digital format. He knocked out challenges from the pandemic the way he knocks out his opponents: relentlessly.

Thriving as a virtual trainer, Darren does look forward to getting back in the ring and upholding his undefeated title. Even a worldwide pandemic could not stop this boxing sensation, leading one to wonder if there is a person who can put up a good fight against Darren Goodall.

Photography by: Darren Goodall