Up and coming photographer Brian The Shooter is inspiring thousands across the globe:


Up and Coming Photographer Brian the Shooter Is Inspiring Thousands Across the Globe

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | March 29, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


In an increasingly digital world, it is not uncommon to see that a lot of life around us is constantly being seen through a camera. Even though many people pursue it, photography is a task easier said than done. Buying an expensive camera is not the first and last step to being a good photographer. It takes real skill and determination just like any other craft which you have to master. Yet for those who truly want to learn the tricks of the trade Brian Jordan, better known through his online persona Brian The Shooter is here to help.

Brian The Shooter was born and brought up in Illinois and Florida and is working professionally as a photographer and entrepreneur. It was his grandfather who was in the photography and videography business and this gave Brian the perfect opportunity to learn more about the family business. “I remember seeing that as I grew up and often, I would help out when my parents would videotape an event gig going on. I have always been around cameras in my younger days.”, says Brian.

Brian The Shooter’s first professional photoshoot was in 2019. Fortunately, it was quite a success and gave him the platform required to increase his portfolio and work on building his skill set. In a couple years Brian was progressing upwards and was ready to start his own enterprise by the name of Brian The Shooter LLC. Brian The Shooter LLC provides a wide range of services including aerial photography and videography for or an extensive client base including but not limited to models, influencers, entrepreneurs and businesses. His portfolio consists of a wide variety of self and group portraits including those from baby showers and product commercials.

So, the question that arises is how has Brian The Shooter achieved all this and more? As mentioned before being loyal to any task at hand is key to succeeding in it. There is no doubt about it that Brian has always been surrounded in environment which has stimulated and encouraged him to pursue his passion as a photographer but for those who cannot provide for this naturally there is a booming photography community online which is always there to help you. Consider it a second family and make use of all the content available on the Internet upon photography. Brian The Shooter has done the same and is now supporting more than seven hundred thousand followers on Instagram profile. They are more than just subscribers and instead create a close-knit community where creativity and free thinking are core characteristics. What’s more, Brian urges budding photographers to make the most out of whatever equipment they have rather than waiting for the right time as at the end of the day there is nothing known as the correct opportunity in the photography industry.

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Photography by: Brandon Jordan