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1 - VIP Lounges
The Killers' Mark Stoermer and Lenny Kravitz at The Florida Room

WHY: It’s got new legs thanks to a renovation under the knowing eye of The Opium Group. The room now has a dastardly sexy red and black color palette and roomier aisles so you can shake your ass without assaulting anyone. And the cocktail waitresses have new, minimalist French sailor stylings.
CLAIM TO FAME: Mokaï was the other place Tom Cruise leapt onto a couch and pranced around (during last year’s Super Bowl).
WHO GOES: The next generation of young, cocky Europeans and the attractive locals who manage to infiltrate their circles, plus those who don’t have to wake up before noon for any particular reason, ever
NAMES TO DROP: Roman Jones (partner) or Matt Rivers (VIP host)
insider tip: Cozy up to Aris, the manager—he’s got a rep for giving out expensive bottles of Champagne to late-night ladies.
AURAL STIMULATION: Dirty house by Damaged Goods, DJ Konflikt and big-name imports like Peter Tong
OVERHEARD: “My brother still has the yacht in West Palm [rolls eyes]. You got one we could take a ride on?”
DON'T: Claim Karim, Nicola or Rony told you to drop in. They don’t own the place anymore.
235 23rd St., Miami Beach;

WHY: It’s small enough to fit into the VIP room at one of Miami’s larger clubs, so when you’re in, you’re definitely in.
CLAIM TO FAME: It’s the occasional haunt of Kate Hudson, Paul Sevigny, Marc Jacobs, Sean Penn and whatever Kardashian sister isn’t about to give birth
WHO GOES: Stylish out-of-towners looking to party with stylish locals in a tight-quartered bacchanal
NAMES TO DROP: Alex Sumner, though he’s the guy you’re dropping it to, so that could be embarrassing
INSIDER TIP: Wear your fashion nice and crispy, because dapper doorman Sumner is angered by sartorial laziness.
AURAL STIMULATION: Overthrow throws Coco’s Habit (Thursdays), which means nu-disco, dance and unexpected randomness; it’s open-format on Fridays and hip-hop on Saturdays.
OVERHEARD: “Did you know this place is inspired by a fictional woman ‘so elusive and alluring that few can claim to have seen her’? We’re dating, but she’s cool with you and me hanging out.”
DON'T: Wear Ed Hardy or Affliction. Just don’t.
2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach;

WHY: Because its subterranean ’20s classiness makes you feel bad in a good way. The place looks neat, gets messy and arguably has the best cocktails in town.
CLAIM TO FAME: Lenny Kravitz designed the place.
WHO GOES: Well-off suburban kids who’ve become well-off young adults
NAMES TO DROP: Suggest to suave doorman Granville Adams you’re tight with nightlife director Josh Wagner.
INSIDER TIP: Show up very early for live-music events and plant yourself and your crew at the front tables. You’ll have an arm’s-length view of really famous musicians.
AURAL STIMULATION: Brendan O’Hara and the Big Bounce’s funk and a shockingly good live-music program that’s seen the likes of the Roots, the Killers, Talib Kweli and Perry Farrell
OVERHEARD: “I’m going to see if Josh can get Matisyahu to perform at my little brother’s bar mitzvah.”
DON'T: Order Red Bull and vodka. Tell the bartenders what types of drinks you prefer and they’ll guide you to something novel like their Rising Sun, made with The Yamazaki whiskey, fresh crushed ginger, Drambuie, Aperol and clover honey.

The Delano South Beach, 1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach;

WHY: Because it’s a small, exclusive club, which makes you feel big and exclusive (as does drinking inside a prism of diamond-shaped beveled mirrored tiles)
CLAIM TO FAME: Bobby Brown showed up to perform for the club’s reopening in October, followed by Wu-Tang’s Raekwon the week after.
WHO GOES: An upper echelon of ravenous nocturnals who’ve been doing this for years, and doing it with so much self-importance it almost seems believable
NAMES TO DROP: Managing partners Karim, Nicola and Rony
INSIDER TIP: Start with creative, pre-game cocktails at the Living Room, right off the W’s lobby.
AURAL STIMULATION: Eccentric elements blended with both poppy and hard-house mash-ups, and an occasional nod to hip-hop. A balance to please both edgier insiders and bottle spenders.
OVERHEARD: “Which do you prefer, the old disco ball or the new rotating 35-inch hollow sphere of pulsating lights built by Dutch design house Moooi?”
DON'T: Expect to be noticed as the big man on campus here: Everyone’s too busy noticing themselves.
W South Beach; 2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach;

WHY: There’s something seductive about descending a staircase into a shadowy low-slung space that’s set up to be one of the most exclusive dance venues in town.
CLAIM TO FAME: The first-night festivities were a birthday party for Drake, with buddies Alex Rodriguez, LeBron James, Elle Macpherson and Ed Norton in attendance.
WHO GOES: House-music loyalists who’ve graduated from the megaclub experience
NAMES TO DROP: Jimmy Vargas
INSIDER TIP: At the far end of the room behind the pool table lie some banquettes, in case your dance moves actually work and an opportunity for some canoodling presents itself.
AURAL STIMULATION: Thursdays it’s Erick Morillo and friends from Subliminal Records, Fridays and Saturdays it’s open-format and house, while Sunday gets the big-name spinner from Saturday at LIV in a much more intimate environment (so think Paul Oakenfold or Sander Kleinenberg, Tiësto and Jack E, close enough to shake your hand).
OVERHEARD: “The name for this place was inspired by the arcade that stood here in the ’60s. But they didn’t even have Pong then.”
DON'T:: Ask for tap water. You’ll be denied.
Fontainebleau Miami Beach, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach;

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