Why Celebrities Get Their Jewelry from Haimov Jewelers


Why Celebrities Get Their Jewelry from Haimov Jewelers

by Evan Arroyo by Evan Arroyo | May 6, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


There are tons of jewelry manufacturers throughout the world, yet for many people out there, the go-to jewelry store is Haimov Jewelers, located in Miami.

In the years since the company was founded, Haimov Jewelers has catered to all manner of celebrities and notable individuals. Icons like Paris Hilton, Rick Ross, and Jason Derulo have purchased beautiful masterpieces from this shop.

Despite the considerable number of celebrities among its list of previous clients, Haimov Jewelers offers jewelry and accessories that are accessible to the general public as well. The business specializes in producing and customizing jewelry, intricately designed chain links, pendants, and watches. As their slogan goes, “If you can dream it, we can create it.”

What Makes Haimov Jewelers Special

All success stories have their beginnings, and Haimov Jewelers started with a humble one. It was in 1989 when the current CEO of the company, Igal Haimov, took the first steps to begin his career as a jewelry designer. Since then, the business has achieved great success, especially after becoming recognized by a variety of noteworthy individuals.

A dream finally achieved

To dream is good, but to fulfill a dream is better. At a young age, Igal already knew that his passion lay in the field of jewelry design, and he spent much of his free time sketching, sketching and drafting various jewelry designs.

In time, an established jeweler noticed his talents and decided to make use of Igal’s potential. This jeweler was the one who really introduced him to the industry, and upon truly entering the jewelry business for the first time, Igal knew that he had found his calling. With a goal in mind, Igal established Haimov Jewelers, and in the 30 years since then his business has grown stronger than ever.

Haimov Jewelers is more than just a business

Haimov Jewelers is a family business, and the Haimov family manages it together. Each member of the family contributes their own kind of expertise to the company, but all the members honor the importance of craftsmanship, originality, respect, and hard work. This is what makes up their robust value system.

More than just an accessory

Igal sees jewelry as a form of art, and this is the reason why Haimov Jewelers is different from all other jewelry companies. For Igal and his team, creating jewelry isn’t just a means to generate a profit; it’s an artistic process that offers more to the consumer than just a flashy accessory.

The main focus of the company

“Quality over quantity” is the mantra that Igal keeps in his mind during the design process. Having a keen and thorough attention to detail is necessary for producing advanced and sophisticated jewelry pieces.

Many prominent celebrities adore Haimov Jewelers because of their skill when it comes to crafting stunning pieces of jewelry. With this success, Haimov Jewelers plans to expand worldwide into places like New York, Paris, and Dubai. This boutique no doubt has the ability to take the world by storm.

Photography by: Haimov Jewelers