World Famous Bâoli Miami Launches New Sushi Menu In Time for 2022


World Famous Bâoli Miami Launches New Sushi Menu In Time for 2022

By Mr. Hospitality By Mr. Hospitality | February 19, 2022 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,

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Bâoli, located in the heart of Miami Beach, is known for offering the Magic City gourmet Asian-fusion cuisine in a chic setting. And now, as a belated welcome to 2022, the Mr. Hospitality executive team has brought in renowned sushi chef, Nino Gallardo, to give their menu a refresh.


Each dish offers a unique combination of crunch and melt-in-your-mouth textures as well as sweet and savory components. Chef Nino has perfected each plate by using the freshest of ingredients in harmony with over-the-top presentation. The oysters are served on a bed of ice topped with caviar and 24K gold, surrounded by a sexy cloud of smoke. The innovative Toro Special is the perfect crisp bite with layers of kataifi wrapped in tender toro.


The Wagyu Special Nigiri is perfect for sushi lovers and meat eaters alike as the luxurious slice of wagyu is laid over pillowy sushi rice and glazed with truffle oil and gochujang. Classic sushi enthusiasts can enjoy the Shrimp Tempura roll elevated with a slice of yellowtail and inventive flavors.


The new menu is available now so book your reservation to experience Baoli like never before.

1906 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139, 305 674 8822


ABOUT BAOLI: What started in the French Riviera charges on in South Beach with Bâoli Miami, Mr. Hospitality’s long-running supper club in the heart of Miami Beach. More than a decade after its opening, the champagne-soaked dinner parties are still drawing beautiful crowds from all over the world with an elevated nightlife experience, top-notch cuisine and a buzzy, carefree atmosphere where anything is possible. At Bâoli Miami, guests immerse themselves in Europe’s unrivaled party culture while getting a taste of Asia’s delectable flavors—from expertly-prepared robata dishes to supremely fresh sushi, and, of course, delicious craft cocktails. Its Japanese fine dining meets high-energy sophistication in a sultry, indoor/outdoor setting that’s always brimming with famous faces. Bâoli Miami’s infamous Wednesday night party, My Boyfriend Is Out of Town, is hands down South Beach’s sexiest, most legendary ladies’ nights and the 10-year-old tradition is just as popular as ever. Experience Bâoli Miami for yourself every Tuesday through Sunday from 7pm till late.

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