Yissel is dancing to the tune of a healthy lifestyle


Yissel is dancing to the tune of a healthy lifestyle

By Yissel By Yissel | June 29, 2023 | People Sponsored Post


Yissel, Miami’s DJ Darling is sharing with us another side of her exhilarating career behind the decks, her dedication to balancing wellness in a life full of late nights and unhealthy habits. “Some people might assume I sleep till noon, but I’ve learned to become more disciplined regardless of my irregular work hours. I’m also committed to some healthy routines, proven to give me strength to continue doing what I love for over a decade”.


With a career full of late nights, turbulent music, and the often-inevitable social drinking it’s extremely important I achieve balance during my downtime. Stretching, yoga & conscious eating are things I focus on to stay healthy (and often times just sane!). Before I even pour my matcha latte in the morning, I lay my yoga mat out & stretch. It’s so important to gently wake up the body this way and I notice a significant difference throughout my day if I don’t simply take 5-10 minutes just to do this. As a Girl-On-The-Girl, I’m guilty of working past a proper sit down lunch so I make sure to pack my water bottle, add some infused greens to it and pack it in my bag or car. Yoga is my go-to workout, probably because it’s the opposite of work life, quiet & calming. I do hot yoga anywhere between 3-4 days a week (work permitting). It incorporates the stretching I love & aids my posture, too often strained by long hours of standing behind the DJ booth. The heat provides me the clarity & detoxification (ciao, last night’s vodka / sodas) much needed to survive weekly events & weekends in nightlife. Consistent practice has not only changed my physical, but more importantly, my mental state.


Late-night eating is another challenge faced in this industry. While I’ve been guilty of an occasional stop at All-Day after an after-hours set at E11even or chowing Coyo in between double or triple sets, making sure I eat protein packed meals help curve late cravings. Before bed, whatever time that is, it’s important for me to cleanse my mind (and my face!) Skin-care regimens are essential to my self-care. No matter how long of a day or late of a night, I’m cleansing, moisturizing & face masking! To flush the music out of my ears, I’m listening to a podcast or dead silence on the way home. A cup of tea before bed improves my chances of getting proper rest, which is essential to starting a productive day.


Embracing a holistic approach to my lifestyle has ensured longevity, creativity, and overall success in my career. Through social media, I’m trying to show more than just music. By sharing some of my wellness routines, I hope to inspire colleagues struggling to find their balance & also break the stigma that this industry leads to bad vices. It took some time to get to the point where I prioritize self-care amidst a demanding schedule, but I’m happy I’m here.


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